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Locus Lab

 UNIQUE 3-week acting intensive

This Lab is designed for actors and directors who want to dive deep into a unique acting method created by the revolutionary European theater director Anatoli Vasiliev to develop and nurture skills rooted in the Chekhov technique. This in-depth training encompasses physical, psycho-physical, verbal, and improvisation work with Vasiliev’s student and protege, director Masha Kotlova.

Past Events

November 2 -12, 2023
The Sheen Center

Written during WWII, a cataclysm that shook humanity's sense of security and identity, Jean-Paul Sartre's play "No Exit" (Huis Clos) highlights the precariousness and shadiness of the things we tell ourselves about our lives and motives. Three recently deceased individuals are locked in an absurdly opulent room together, where they will be their own torturers as they spend eternity processing their now-finished lives under each other's claustrophobic scrutiny.

As the last vestiges of faith in the goodness of humanity are reduced to ashes, and in a now-godless universe, the fundamentals of human life — war, love, justice, identity — arise as if for the first time as we face the prospect of a post-apocalyptic eternity.

In this adaptation, Sartre's "No Exit" is brought starkly into the present moment through physical and verbal improvisation. Similarly, the eternal urgency of these same themes is brought to life through work with the Dialogues of Plato.

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Friday, December 9 – Midnight
Thursday, December 15 – 10 pm

TERYKONY/BONEY PILES is a harrowing film about the impact of war on children and how it affects their psyche. Dissonant images of youth and the consequences of war are shown in striking contrast to one another. The film explores the lives of children who live near the front lines of Ukraine’s war with Russia, the Donbass region. For the children featured in the film, their lives resemble the Hunger Games—dystopian. They scavenge for pieces of metal or dig graves for subsistence while day by day they forget what their former lives were before the war started. more info>>>

July 20th, 2022 7:30 pm 

Zemlya is an iconic 1930 silent film by the Ukrainian director Oleksandr Dovzhenko. The film is commonly regarded as Dovzhenko's masterpiece and was named one of the top 10 greatest films of all time by the International Film Critics Symposium. However, in the Soviet Union, the tape came under ideological censorship. It was banned nine days after its original release and was celebrated in Ukraine only after Dovzhenko's death in 1956.>>>

October 28th, 2021 7pm 
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The Front Row Center
“Hell D
By David Walters

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"The play is built on a foundation of improv and movement, a technique that director Masha Kotlova is exploring in her work,  so no two performances will be alike.

Hell Dialogues is a play full of a lot of ideas blended together in a pot, vigorously stirred, carefully watched, and left to slightly ferment.


Anyone who has a keen interest in self-reflection can gather at The Sheen Center to taste the collective brew"

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The Theatre Times
In Conversation with Sartre and Plato: Locus29’s “Hell Dialogues”

By Rhiannon Ling


"Hell Dialogues boasts an incredibly strong ensemble cast. Its utilization of music—written by Marc Ribot, The Tiger Lilies, and Beliy Ostrog—is near-perfect. It provides excellent query, my favorite of which being “What is a tyrant?

It was a delightful evening of philosophy and oddity."

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Our Mission

Locus29 is a New York 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that unites artists of different backgrounds, working in a variety of genres and media. We share a common cultural framework that continues to have a profound effect on society. Locus29 engages diverse communities of artists and art lovers; it is a home for an intellectual community with a complex history, and a place for new cultural discoveries.

The organization's growing program focuses on art events, film and theatrical projects both virtual and in-person.

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