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Past Events

May 16th, 2021 2pm EST

Golden Mask winner ‘Prose’ (based upon Chekhov’s short story ‘The Steppe’ and the metaphysical/realism short story ‘The Bridegroom’ by Yuri Mamleev), is a modern opera conceived by a contemporary composer Vladimir Rannev for Electrotheater Stanislavsky. Rannev both composed and directed the piece, combining literature, music, and video art to create one mystical multidimensional space. When these elements merge, the effect is almost one of synaesthesia; not one specific sense dominates, leading us instead on an avant-garde odyssey, a truly trance-like experience.>>>

February 28th, 2021 2pm EST

What is the true face of new opposition? The "protest" generation in Russia has grown younger and braver. Following the Moscow protests in 2019, when hundreds of young people were arrested and imprisoned, in 2021 more people showed to voice their support for Alexey Navalny and express their outrage towards autocracy. Dissatisfaction with authorities became a mainstream sentiment. What motivates them to come out, knowing the price for their actions can be substantial. Locus29 is presenting a documentary film about the 2019 Moscow Protests to compare with the current situation.>>>


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