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Meet Our Team

Anna Zinenko

Anna Zinenko

Founder/artistic director

Anna has years of experience as a performer and dancer since childhood in a wide variety of professional venues. She understands firsthand how effective the fluency of body language can be as a communication tool. As a student of languages and literatures at Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko, Anna dove deep into the practice of poetry and theater. Her time in New York has further deepened her focus on different forms of communication as an essential skill for understanding cultural diversity. While continuing her studies in Communications at Baruch College and abroad in Madrid, Anna was inspired to found the nonprofit Locus29, a platform that unites people of diverse languages and cultural backgrounds through the medium of film and theatre. She is also involved in the New York theater scene both as a producer and as an actor.

Masha Kotlova

Masha Kotlova

Theater Director

Masha is a theater director and actress, who dedicated her career to researching and practicing laws of drama theater. Being a student of the great director, Anatoly Vasilyev, Masha is an ambassador of his unique method of working with actors. Masha moved to New York in 2019 and now produces authentic projects that translate the tradition of European and Russian drama theater and promote European art in New York.

Lucy Palamarchuk

Lucy Palamarchuk


Lucy is a New York based producer who was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. She emigrated to the US in 1991 and attended Baruch's College International Business Bachelor program, followed by an MA Degree in Media Studies with concentration in film at the New School University.  Her diverse background includes work in film, television, events, festivals, commercial projects as well as advertising, banking and healthcare industries. She approaches challenges in an imaginative, innovative and sometimes unconventional way to find fresh perspectives and generate new ideas.
As a lifelong learner, Lucy believes that arts play a vital role in education, community building, promoting social change and wants to further amplify the voices of emerging and diverse artists.
Lucy is also a Certified Health Coach with background in mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, nutrition and herbalism. She mentors women on how to build rich, authentic lives of freedom, joy and happiness.

Kate Baranovskaya

Kate Baranovskaya

Production Manager

Kate is a skilled artist, photographer, and manager with a passion for creativity and excellence. With degrees in both Digital Art and IT, she brings a unique blend of technical and creative expertise to her work. With many years of managerial experience, she has a deep understanding of how to lead teams, manage projects, and ensure that deadlines are met. Kate is highly skilled at combining her creativity with excellent organizational skills, resulting in projects that are both innovative and well-structured. She is committed to delivering high-quality work that exceeds expectations.

In her free time, Kate enjoys pursuing her hobbies, which include pottery, film photography, and physical exercise. These activities allow her to stay inspired and keep her creative juices flowing.


Sasha Mazhara

Social media manager

Born and raised in Ukraine, Sasha flourished as she collaborated with local fashion brands, contributing significantly to the development of their collections. After relocating to LA in 2022, she orchestrates charity events for Ukraine and is deeply engrossed in creating a documentary on the Ukrainian diaspora. With an inherent passion for photography and choir singing, Sasha's multi-faceted talents converge to manifest beauty in every facet of life.


Kateryna Nakonechna

Executive Assistant

Hailing from Ukraine and now a resident of New York since 2022, Kateryna is a dynamic individual with a passion for diverse pursuits.
With a degree in Media Linguistics,she embarked on a journalistic journey, shaping stories with her words. As a photographer, she captures the world's beauty through a creative lens. With her blend of skills and love for organization, she paints narratives and arranges moments that leave an impact.


Rava Raab

Communications Manager

Rava is a writer, actor, and model based in New York. She is passionate about applying her skills in development and administration to make art happen! In her free time, Rava enjoys playing video games, painting, photography, and long walks on the beach.

Selena photo.JPG

Selena Valyavkina

Curator of Film Program

Selena is a film curator and a psychologist based in Tbilisi, Georgia. She has been programming, lecturing, and interpreting for international film festivals for nearly two decades. She is particularly interested in mixed-genre where the author's vision is shown in an offbeat way. Currently, she combines her experience in the film industry with a career in psychology. She uses film as a projective tool in personal and group therapy to help clients reflect on their life.

Olena Kharchenko.jpg

Olena Kharchenko

Curator of Ukrainian Film Program

Olena is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She received her MA in Ukrainian language and literature, research, and editing. She then shifted her focus to Communications in the non-profit sector. Together with her colleagues, she founded the educational platform “The critical thinking” where teachers can learn the most effective pedagogical methods. Her interests are cultural anthropology, Ukrainian cultural heritage, cinematography, and modern art.

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